Government Subsidy for Rearing of Heifers

The Government has a scheme to help farmers for rearing heifers. This post will show you how to apply.
Government Funding for Startups in IndiaGovernment Funding for Startups in India

60 % Government Funding for Cow Dung, Urine based Startups

Government Funding for Startup based on Cow Dung and Urine Ahmedabad: Startups focused on “commercializing” cow by-products like dung and urine, in addition to dairy, could receive up to 60%...
modi government

With Rs 200 subsidy scheme, Modi govt aims for female-only cattle & end to stray menace

The Narendra Modi government is planning a subsidy for dairy farmers that will help them procure special ‘sex-selection’ semen at a discount to ensure primarily-female progeny. The government will subsidize...
Cow Welfare

Cow Welfare: Mukhya Mantri Be-sahara Gau-Vansh Sahbhagita Yojana

Scheme for Cow Welfare Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has come up with a new scheme for the cow welfare of stray cattle that will also help generate employment opportunities. The state government has...