Benefits of Loose Housing System

Loose Housing System even though is not a new phenomenon but this system did not find favor in large cities due to constraints of space.
But its advantages outweigh the traditional tieing system. The educated progressive dairy owners are now inclined to adopt this system.

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Some of the advantages are listed as under:

  1. The loose houses for dairy animals are cheaper in construction, easier to expand, and flexible in utility.
  2. Feeding and the management of stock are easier because of common feeding and watering devices.
  3. Animals are more comfortable as there is free movement and psychologically they are at liberty for feed and watering schedule.
  4. In one of our trials at Livestock farm, Mumbai Veterinary College we have recorded a peculiar phenomenon that the complete herd of 20 Buffalo got up around midnight and proceeds towards the water tank. This indicates high producing Buffalo needs water during late night and this is only possible under loose housing.
  5. The Animal under the loose housing system is cleaner in appearance and has high Body Condition Scores.
  6. In a loose housing system, the animals have a choice of spending time either under a shed or in open paddocks. This choice is not available in the tie system.
  7. The milk obtained from cattle and Buffalo is hygienic and clean with very low coliform count yeast and mold count.

Thus loose housing system must be adopted both for cattle and Buffalo in rural, semi-urban and urban areas, irrespective size of the farm.

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Dr. I. M. Baig
Ex-Head of the Department
LPM Mumbai Veterinary College