Ghar Wapsi: Vicky Donor to Return from Brazil to Rock Home Bull Market

To boost milk production the state animal husbandry and dairy development department is planning to import four Gir Bulls for breeding high yield cattle.

To Sambha Land and Back

The Gir was given from Gujarat to Brazil in the year 1990s. Over the years Brazil developed a better stock from the breed.

Cow Per day Yield
Indian Gir 6-8 Liters
Brazillian Gir 35-40 Liters
Holstein, Jersey 35-40 Liters

Gir Bull

Why Gir through Holstein is easily available in India, being Foreign breeds they need higher maintenance and are also susceptible to tropical diseases. Gir, even if from Brazil is still an indigenous breed and thus finds Indian Climate natural.

  • Maha Plan to Import from Brazil 1000 Frozen semen doses.
  • Destination: Three state labs (Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad).
  • Purpose: Breeding Programme to improve quality of Cattle to boost milk production.
  • Project: Being initiated under Rashtriya Gokul Mission. Will require clearance from centre.
  • 10,000-15000 semen doses each imported Gir bull can give per year.

Maharashtra will be the first state to import Gir bulls. This will decrease milk production costs for farmers We will also import frozen semen to kickstart the program.

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Source: Times of India, 20 June 2021.