What is the Animal Comfort Zone?

The simplest definition of animal (cattle) comfort zone is the physical conditions in the vicinity of cattle houses or dwellings where the animals perform their physiological functions both productive and reproductive at their maximum efficiency.

Providing comfortable conditions in the cattle and Buffalo barns are at most essential for the following reasons.

Cow Comfort

  • To get maximum milk yield and high-quality hygienic clean milk from the Dairy animals as per the type of breeds.
  • To get high-quality milk in terms of chemical composition and hygienic quality i.e. low bacterial count.
  • To have the maximum reproductive efficiency as judged by less inter calving period, maximum open period, the birth of healthy offsprings and maximum life time reproductive and productive performances.
  • Disease-free and clean herd.


To achieve the above mention traits the livestock should be provided with maximum comfort at their resting places, milking places, feeding and watering site throughout the year under changing climatic conditions.

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Dr. M. I. Baig
Ex-Head of the Department
LPM Mumbai Veterinary College