Important Tips on Feeding Protein to Cows

Important Tips on Feeding Protein to Cows

Ruminants get their protein from a variety of sources, and digestion occurs primarily in two ways. Rumen-degradable proteins are digested in the rumen by microbes and converted to ammonia.
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The Importance of Fibre Quality in Cow Feed

It is important to take regular rounds of the farm to observe the behaviour of cows, as it can reveal a lot about feeding management.
Concentrate feeding

Importance of Roughages in Cow Feeding

Cow Feeding  There are a few myths about cow feeding or concentrate feeding that have influenced farm practices for decades: The commercially available concentrate feeding is better for cows Feeding...
Rationale of Feeding Fat to Cows

When Cows be Fed Rumen Bypasss Fat ?

Strategies for Feeding fat to Dairy Cows Energy requirement in lactating cows High producing cows require larger amounts of energy for meeting lactation requirements, alone. For example, a cow yielding...

Feeding Urea to Cows : Source of Protein

Feeding Urea to Cows There is a lot of misunderstanding on the feeding of urea to cows. Urea is a cheap source of nitrogen for ruminants. Since microbes in complexed...